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White Wedding Altar
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Our Work

This project is an interactive application that makes wedding planning more seamless through the visualization of the venue. Either a semi-immersive experience on a PC or a fully immersive experience using an oculus headset, the user can view the multitude of individual elements needed for preparation.


Woman in VR Headset

Project Innovation Claim

My project is a smart, immersive application that can help couples plan their wedding through visualization features that save money, time, and stress.

Wedding Venue

Projects Intent

User will start with an empty venue space and be able to walk up to a feature such as flowers, tables, chairs, and switch the object in order to visualize their venue to create their dream space for their wedding day. 

Bride and Groom Kissing

Technical Fields

This project involves the fields of digital marketing, engineering, and VR.

Meet The Team

Here is my team, and below is a little bit about them. 

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